About Us

Our Story

Clean Energy Solar Direct was founded in 2018 and since then with the 6 years of residential experience we carry, we have also teamed up with multiple installation partners across 15 different states with a combined 20 plus years of experience in renewable energy. Our business simply finds the best installation partner with a negotiated competitive price to allow homeowners to get the best deal along with quality, workmanship, safety, construction expertise and robust warranty plans to get the job done correctly with one shot. Our company is also virtually integrated with the latest technology to create and modify proposals in real time allowing us to customize the solar projects that best fits the homeowners needs NOT OURS.

What’s interesting about us is that we are one of few companies that also can bid on 7-8 figure commercial projects due to our network of installers and relationships. Most residential companies claim they can do both but it is a whole different animal and the costs are much different with a bigger capacity. Overall, we will fight for you until the job get’s done, no questions.

  • Official Member of the California Storage and Solar Association
  • Member of the Southern California Minority Supplier Development Council
  • Minority Business Enterprise
  • Business Network Alliance Ambassador
  • Official Member of the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals

What We Offer

We are the most transparent and customer service oriented solar company in America with competitive prices and 5 star customer service. We speak truth and invest in what is best for the customers not for our revenue. We answer phone calls and if we miss them we call back immediately.

Solar Installation

Solar Installation allows us to provide full service construction to place solar panels, inverters, optimizers in some cases, and electrical work on the roof to generate electricity to significantly lower the electric bill.


Commercial Solar

Commercial solar allows commercial buildings, municipalities, farm, agricultural, and schools to build solar systems that help offset energy costs and provide a number of benefits including car port canopy for shading, roof top panels, lower operating costs, improved customer acquisition, and reducing peak demand charges.

Ground Mount

Ground Mount systems allow a home with enough acres or land to build the entire system on the ground and avoid using the roof for penetration and installation solar panels. The solar system on the ground usually has no limit of how big the system can be built, thus providing over 100% of the homeowner's energy needs.


Battery Storage

Battery Storage allows homeowners to generate stored energy during a power outage to provide critical load components that are most used during an outage. The solar panels produce energy during the day and stores it on the mounted battery unit and provides electricity in the evening without relying on the grid to offset peak demand charges.

We provide 5 star customer service just like dealing with a personal banking professional.

We Provide 5 Star Customer Service Just Like Dealing With A Personal Banking Professional. ​

We also celebrate you for completing an install with gifts, and provide full transparency and competitive pricing.